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Malta Golden Visa

What makes Malta an attractive option for permanent residency through investment? Though this gem of the Mediterranean boasts of an average of 300 sunny days a year, far more than warmth and pristine natural beauty is on offer for those foreign citizens that are granted the Malta Golden Visa status.

Malta is the stepping stone to Europe and enjoys good connections to and relations with the rest of the world. The island nation offers foreign investors a high standard of living, attractive tax rates and is a fully recognized member of the European Union. All this and more makes Malta the ideal location for permanent residency through investment.

Since 2015, non-EU residents are opportunely able to capitalize on the MRVP (Maltese Residence and Visa Programme) also known as the Maltese golden visa, a programme enabling your family and yourself to obtain residency through investment. Read more about the Maltese golden visa programme and learn about the prerequisites for your application.

What is the Malta Golden Visa?
The Malta golden visa was launched in 2015 as an efficient way for non-EU citizens to obtain full legal residency in Malta through investment. The Malta Golden Visa is ideal for those applicants that want to gain permanent residency through investment, rather than full citizenship status. While the programme allows the investor to permanently reside on the island with their family, residing in Malta for an established definite period is not a requirement. The Malta Golden Visa therefore opens up the door to Europe for non-EU applicants. The programme does not only enable foreign investors and their families residence in Malta, but further allows beneficiaries of the programme to travel within the 26 countries of the Schengen Zone.

Where can I travel visa free with the Malta Golden Visa?
Beneficiaries of the Malta Golden Visa are allowed to enjoy visa free travel to the following countries; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Benefits of the golden visa

● Hold an indefinite residential status in Malta

● Enjoy visa free travel in the EU Schengen Zone (including countries Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland and many more)

● Access to the Maltese educational system

● Tax incentives

● Good return on investment

Are you eligible for the Golden Visa?
In order to apply for the Maltese golden visa the applicant must satisfy a set of requirements, which pertain to an individual’s economic, reputational and social standing in the current country of residency.

The Malta Golden Visa aims to attract only the most affluent and reputable individuals to Malta, therefore the applicant must provide documents certifying adequate income, capital and clean conduct in their countries of origin as well as any previous countries of residence

Eligibility requirements for the Maltese golden visa

●  The applicant must be a non-EU resident and at least 18 years of age

●  Clean police conduct

●  Annual income of €100,000 or capital of €500,000

●  Commitment to a five-year investment of €250,000 in Maltese government bonds

●  Commitment to a five-year Real estate investment (either through property purchase or long-term lease.)

Why invest in the Maltese golden visa?
Despite ranking high on the list of the smallest nations in the world, Malta offers many incentives for foreign investment. Apart from tax incentives, foreign investors are attracted by the nation's stable economy, ultra-modern telecommunications infrastructure and the ease through which investments are made in Malta. The government organisation, Malta Enterprise, was created to handle everything related to foreign investments and to continuously provide guidance and service. Therefore, the environment for foreign investment in Malta is highly warm and welcoming, and the Maltese Golden Visa is paramount for those wishing to invest in the island nation. In addition, Malta has signed double taxation treaties with numerous countries virtually guaranteeing the avoidance of double taxation for those foreign investors participating in the Malta Golden Visa programme.

All of these factors make the Maltese golden visa the prime choice for foreign investors looking to safeguard their capital and enable new investment opportunities in a stable environment within the European Union. The Maltese golden visa will also allow for an improved standard of living for the family members of the beneficiary.

Successful candidates of the programme enjoy a multitude of investment opportunities in industries ranging from service, maritime, manufacturing and financial services sectors to the more recent additions to the Maltese economy mainly in IT, electronics, pharmaceuticals, blockchain technology and gaming. 

Opportunities in Malta for your family
Can the Malta Golden Visa be extended to family members and other dependents? The permanent residence status and all the privileges it entails can be granted to the spouse and family members of the older.

In order to simplify the application process clear definitions are made for what constitutes family, and these definitions include spouses, long term partners, children/adopted children below 18, unmarried economically dependent children, economically dependent parents/grandparents. If Malta Golden Visa status has been approved for a couple, these family members and other dependents may be from either side of the family. 

Read below to see a complete list of family members and other dependents that are eligible to be included in your Maltese Golden Visa application.  

●  A spouse or long-term partner in a stable relationship with the applicant

●  Children or adopted children below 18 years of age, of either the applicant or spouse/partner

●  Unmarried children economically dependent on the applicant or applicant’s spouse/partner

●  Parents or grandparents economically dependent on the applicant or applicant’s spouse/partner

Maltese Golden Visa - the gateway to Europe
Do you want to apply for the Maltese golden visa to reap all the rewards and privileges of permanent residence status in a fully recognized EU membership state? The Maltese Golden Visa does not only grant accepted applicants the opportunity to live, work and study in Malta. This residency by investment programme is truly a key that unlocks access to the EU. Applicants and their families are able to travel visa free to all Schengen member states. Do you want to take the first step to making Malta your gateway to Europe? Contact RC International today, and one of our consultants will inform you of your eligibility and of the steps required to apply for the Malta Golden Visa.

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