About Us

RC International is an immigration advisory firm specialising in residence and citizenship solutions.

We are a boutique consultancy firm based in Malta (European Union). Our mission is to enable clients and their families thrive in a modern globalised world by assisting them to obtain residency or citizenship that suits their unique requirements and objectives.

What sets us apart from most of our competitors is the hands-on and transparent approach when assisting clients throughout the period leading up to the grant of the respective passport or golden visa. In addition, all RC International consultants and partners are specialised practitioners in global immigration law and taxation and are licensed by the government regulators in the countries where citizenship or residency is offered.

Individual clients, family offices and wealth advisors from around the world routinely rely on RC International for advice on international residence and citizenship matters. 

To see how the combined expertise of our consultants and partners could work for you, contact us to arrange a free private consultation.

RC International is dedicated to helping you thrive in a globalised world.

We are passionate about helping clients and their families apply for second citizenship and residence programmes that suit their unique objectives.