A third country national that has lived in Malta for a continuous period of 5 years is entitled to apply for long term residence status. Temporary absence from Malta is not taken into account when calculating the 5-year period on condition that the total periods of absence do not exceed 10 months when accumulated.

The Director of the Citizenship and Expatriates Department (the Director) may consider longer periods of absence of up to 12 months over and above the permitted 10 months when such absence is due to:

i. health reasons;
ii. secondment by an employer of a third country national; 
iii. business travel; or 
iv. Education or training purposes.

Any individual applying for long-term residence status must, together with the prescribed application form, submit the following supporting documents:

• Letter addressed to the Director indicating: 
i. the date of his/her first arrival in Malta 
ii. all periods of absence from Malta during the last 5years

• Evidence attesting to his or her continuous stay in Malta during the last 5 years . Such evidence may include one or more of the following documents, depending on the purpose of stay in Malta: 
i. Employment (copies of work permits / engagement letter / work contract / final settlement system – FS3’s); 
ii. Self-employment (contracts, receipts and similar documents); 
iii. Study - Confirmation from University of Malta, College or Education Establishment concerned attesting to continuous attendance, should be produced.

• Evidence that the applicant has(and has had for the last 2 years) stable and regular resources which are (were) sufficient to maintain himself or herself and the members of his or her family, which resources should be equivalent to the minimum wage in Malta with an addition of another 20% income or resources for each member of the family);

• Evidence that the applicant has accommodation, regarded as sufficient for a similar family in Malta and which meets the general health and safety standards in force in Malta.

• Evidence of a comprehensive health insurance policy covering the applicant and his or her family members in respect of all risks normally covered for Maltese nationals The applicant must also provide evidence that he or she has complied with the following integration conditions:

• 12 months prior to the application, the applicant has attended a course organised by the Employment and Training Corporation in respect of the social, economic, cultural and demographic history and environment of Malta. The applicant must provide evidence that he or she has attended lessons for at least 100 hours and must achieve an examination pass mark of at least 75%.

• A pass mark of at least 75% has been obtained by the applicant for the equivalent of Malta Qualifications Framework Level 2 in English.

• Evidence is provided showing that all fees charged in connection with the above-mentioned courses, examinations and certificates have been paid. Once all documentation has been submitted, the Director shall give the applicant written notification of the decision within 6 months from the date of the application. This period may be prolonged by a further period of 6 months in exceptional cases.

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