Malta Golden Visa Programme 

The Malta Residence and Visa Programme (“MRVP”), which was launched in 2015, is designed to give reputable ‘third country nationals’ and their dependants the opportunity to procure an indefinite Maltese residential status. Not only will successful applicants have the opportunity to acquire Maltese residency, but in addition to this, they are free to travel within the Schengen Area unfettered.

The MRVP, or simply the Malta golden visa programme, aims to offer Maltese residency through investment. In order to maintain the repute of this island nation, candidates are held to a high standard, and are also provided a set of required investment obligations.

Identity Malta is the authority responsible for examining golden visa candidates, and will examine factors including the applicants standing in current and former countries of residency, annual income and capital assets to determine eligibility for the Malta golden visa programme.

Only third country nationals are eligible for the Malta golden visa programme

The term third country nationals applies to all those who are not citizens of the European Union, the European Economic Area or Switzerland.Therefore nationals or residents listed below are ineligible for the Malta golden visa programme.  

  • Residents and nationals of the EU
  • Residents and nationals of the EEA
  • Residents and nationals of Switzerland 

Furthermore, candidates eligible for the Malta golden visa programme are allowed to extend the privileges of the Malta golden visa to dependants, these dependants include; 

  • spouses,
  • children under the age of 18,
  • unmarried children,
  • and parents/grandparents who are financially dependent on the main applicant.

Requirements of Malta golden visa programme applicants
The Maltese islands engage in business with other European Union states and the rest of the world, since the island nation became recognized as a full EU-member it has enjoyed a virtually immaculate reputation. Therefore, third country nationals undergo a scrutinizing application process prior to approval in the Malta golden visa programme.

Prerequisites for the Malta golden visa programme application:

  • Applicants are non-EU residents (as outlined above in the definition of third country nationals)
  • Applicants are 18 years of age or above
  • Upon applying candidates must provide documentation of clean police conduct
  • A valid European health insurance policy is required
  • Applicants must receive an annual income €100,000 as well as hold a capital of €500,000
  • A five year commitment to a €250,000 investment in Maltese government bonds is required

Applying for the Malta golden visa programme

While it is possible for candidates to individually gather the documents requested by Identity Malta and examine one’s eligibility, it is strongly advised to hire the services of recognized immigration consultants. 

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