While many may not be able to appreciate the various advantages available for those that successfully invest in visa programmes around Europe, the truth is that owning one gives its holders a number of benefits that may not immediately come to mind. These benefits range from improved standard of living, additional possibilities in employment, education and healthcare. But also include an increased freedom of movement within the EU and Schengen. 

What are some overlooked reasons behind why more and more foreign investors are turning to safeguard their family, capital and investments in European countries offering golden visa programmes? Here are the top 8 reasons why you should consider investing in golden visa programmes available at RC International.

1) Great investment return on a golden visa

Golden visas don’t come cheaply or easily; it only makes sense that owning one can generate a high investment return. Most of the golden visa programmes available to foreign investors will require prospective holders to invest in real estate in their host country as a means to secure the visa in the first place. This means that as the country economically prospers, so will you. Investing in a prime location will rarely not profit your pocket in the long run, as real estate is often considered a wise investment long term. 

2) To invest in visa programmes insures against unknown factors

A successful application for a golden visa and being granted permanent residency by investment status, gives its holders immeasurable security in that, if at any point they and their families decide that they no longer want to reside in their nation state, they can simply pack up and move to another country. Whether the golden visa holders owns a residency visa from Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece or Malta, he can simply renew it or even use their golden visa for permanent relocation and residency. 

3) To invest in visa programmes is to create a safe haven for your family, capital and investments 

If you come from a high-risk state which is prone to instability, a golden visa could be a means of guaranteeing your physical and financial safety. Not only will relocating to a stable European country guarantee the safety of yourself and your family, it will also allow you to safeguard your capital and provide investment opportunities in a financially sound environment. Throughout much economic turbulence, Europe has remained a safe space for investors with its very clear ownership laws, stable low inflation currency, as well as clear and well defined taxation rules.

4) To invest in visa programmes in order to improve living conditions and opportunities

While many golden visa investors do not live in their country full-time due to their frequent business travels, this does not take away from the attractiveness of being able to set up home permanently abroad. A golden visa will enable the holder to travel visa free to many European countries, and particularly provides free movement within the Schengen area for a period of 90 days. Indeed, immediate members of the golden visa holder’s family that have been included in the successful application, may also choose to reside in the particular country issuing the golden visa, meaning that an ideal choice for those wanting to pursue  educational goals, gain access to improved healthcare or gain new employment opportunities - is to invest in visa programmes offered by EU states. 

5) Educational opportunities for children enabled by the golden visa

There are few educational institutions superior to those found on European shores, which make Europe a fertile ground for young families to lay their foundations in. European pre-school, elementary, secondary and post secondary educational institutions, both private and public, are widely regarded as the best in the world. When residency is established, children have the opportunity to be educated via the state, tax funded with the same rights as natural citizens or through the payment of tuition fees at private institutions.

6) Easy travel for golden visa holders and their families

A golden visa goes a long way to facilitate travel. In fact, for residents by investment of countries with golden visa programmes, such as Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Greece and Malta - getting on a plane couldn’t be easier thanks to the Schengen visa zone the above countries are member states of.

The Schengen zone of member states is made up of 26 primarily economically and politically stable countries; Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia. Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Therefore, a golden visa to Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Greece and Malta, will enable the holder and family members access to all Schengen countries listed above for a maximum period of 90 days within a 180-day period.  

7) Leisure opportunities provided by the golden visa

Several of the countries which offer golden visas are beautiful holiday destinations in their own right. Portugal, Spain, Cyprus, Greece and Malta are all global top tourist destinations and constantly ranked highly in the list of vacation hotspots in various travel publications. Whether you’re after shopping, cultural activities, sports and outdoors as well as historical sightseeing, these places are rich in things to do. In addition to this, all the above locations are within an hour or two from London, Berlin, Paris, Rome, and other central European cities, making the golden visa your ticket to the European continent. 

8) Taxation benefits provided to golden visa holders

Tax laws vary from place to place; however, it is important that you establish what you will be subject to paying before you get your golden visa as residency could be a basis for taxation. Of course, some clients look to split assets in order to avoid overseas inheritance tax and income tax. It is true that golden visa programmes are ideal for those wanting to strategically plan their taxes,but throughout the planning of taxes, it is important to stay in line with the requirements of the law.

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